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Fulla 6pcs Retro Dining Set Collection

RM 218.00

Dine in style with our Fulla 5pc Nordic Retro Dining Set. Designed with different shades of grey tones that will wow your guests with aesthetically appealing looking dining table, the embossed beads & flower shape adds charm and class. This Fulla Retro Dining Set makes it easy to present your home-cooked meal in style.

Full set includes:

- Approximately 6.25" (15.8cm) diameter round plate x 2pcs (Light Grey x 1pc & Dark Grey x 1pc)

- Approximately 8.5" (21.5cm) diameter round deep plate x 2pcs (Light grey x 1pc & Dark grey x 1pc)

- Approximately 8.25" (21cm) diameter round plate x 1pc

- Approximately 10.5" (27cm) diameter round plate x 1pc

Product details:

Material - Stoneware

Notes - Not to be used in microwave, oven and dishwasher. Please wash products immediately after used.